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Three Frogs More is a simple to learn tile-laying game that the whole family can enjoy. The aim of the game is to score points by making lines of three or more frogs of the same colour. It may sound simple, but with only 3 tiles in your hand to choose from and only one place to put them, it’s more of a challenge then you might think!

Diagonal lines of frogs score double points but are much trickier to spot. Don’t get distracted by the whimsical frogs larking about on the tiles.

Three Frogs More promotes family fun, improves maths skills and encourages colour recognition and matching for younger children. The travel-size box is perfect for outings and family holidays.

Little Gibsons is our collection of bright and colourful jigsaw puzzles & games that have been tailor-made for inquisitive children. The products are produced from the same high-quality materials as Gibsons’ award-winning adult jigsaw range and all the artwork has been designed by British artists. What’s more, each jigsaw and game is presented in an innovative box to complement the artwork theme, which means that the collection includes some weird and wonderful boxes that are sure to spark the imagination!

  • HIGH QUALITY - Children's board game. Includes bright, fun illustrations. Manufactured by Gibsons, ideal gift for kids
  • MADE FROM THICK, DURABLE BOARD - Toddler-proof, long-lasting game that can be enjoyed again and again. Artwork created by talented artists from around the world
  • AIDS DEVELOPMENT - Perfect toys for your child – Little Gibsons puzzles and games are for kids of every age and help support a child’s creative and cognitive development
  • BRIGHT, QUIRKY BOX design is perfect for travelling!
  • GREAT GIFT – Games are perfect for growing minds and improving your mental health. The best Christmas gift for children, friends, kids, birthdays
  • ZERO PLASTIC - secured with biodegradable seals
  • For age 5+
  • For 2-4 players
  • Box dimensions: 15 x 12 x 4cm
  • Product Code; G1043
  • This product has been recommended by The Good Toy Guide
  • The game rules included are translated into Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish and French.
  • Little Gibsons is our collection of fun and colourful jigsaw puzzles and board games
  • Seal of Approval from Imagination Gaming Awards
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We’re Gibsons, the family-owned jigsaw puzzle and board game company. Founded in London in 1919, we’ve been entertaining generations for over 100 years and our passion is creating the best quality products for all ages.

Made in the UK and Europe, we use the thickest board on the market for our jigsaw puzzles and work with a whole host of talented artists to bring you fresh cool designs, from nostalgic scenes to mesmerising prints. What’s more, our jigsaw puzzles are planet-friendly. They’re made from 100% recycled board and secured with tabs rather than shrink-wrap to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Our board games are great fun for the whole family. From quick-play games like Mind the Gap and Pass the Bomb, to family and strategy games like Hare & Tortoise, 221b Baker Street and Civilization, our best-selling board games will keep all ages entertained!

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