Puss Back in Books Extra Large
500 XL Jigsaw Puzzle

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Experience the joy of assembling a puzzle that combines the warmth of cuddly kittens with the allure of a well-stocked bookshelf, in Puss Back in Books!

This 500 XL piece jigsaw by Debbie Cook depicts curious and playful felines nustled in a menagerie of literary wonders.

Explore shelves lined with classics such as 'The Great Catsby', 'The Adventures of Tom Soya: The Vegan Cat' and 'Cat 22'!

While some feline friends curl up for a cosy nap among the pages, others engage in playful games, creating a purr-fectly charming atmosphere for book lovers and cat enthusiasts alike.

Our extra-large range is made with extra love! The pieces in our 500 XL puzzles are double the size of those in our 500 and 1000 piece puzzles. This means they are perfect for those who find larger piece counts too tricky, or are suffering with sight or handling difficulties.

This 500 XL piece jigsaw puzzle has been painted by the talented artist Debbie Cook.

Also available in 1000 pieces.

  • High quality 500 XL piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Part of our extra-large collection
  • Included in the box is a handy print of your puzzle
  • Made in the UK & Europe from 100% recycled cardboard
  • Completed puzzle size: 68cm x 49cm | 27 x 19 inches
  • Artist credit: Debbie Cook

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