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The iconic strategy game of manipulation, deception and unforeseen events. Andrew McNeil's Kingmaker is back and better than ever before.

First launched in 1974, Kingmaker simulates the Wars of the Roses, the period of sporadic Civil War in England between 1450 and 1490.

The tabletop game is based on the premise that the powerful Noble families used the Lancastrian and Yorkist princes as pawns in a greater game of gaining control of England.

To play, you must control your ‘faction' using your military and political power to control and influence the royal heirs, whilst trying to take down all the other heirs. It’s a game of strategy, deception, and luck – making each game unpredictable and a lot of fun.

Kingmaker: The Royal Re-Launch:

- The Original Classic Game: This is the original version that was developed by Andrew McNeil in 1974. For 2-6 players, the only path to victory is controlling the last crowned piece.

- Kingmaker II: This new version is for 2-5 players and was developed by Alan Paull using fan-favourite house rules. Perfect for those who prefer a shorter game with a variety of win conditions, including alliances and prestige.

- The Extended Version: This epic version provides extra Crown and Event cards and additional rules for Parliament and Battles, in which dice are used to determine whether Nobles and Royal pieces live or die.

- Solo Play: Designed by Steve Froud, the solo game uses Classic Kingmaker and a single opponent Bot that will take you on as a single human player. You can learn more, here.


We launched Kingmaker on Kickstarter in September 2023 and the campaign backed in just 20 hours! Head to our page to find out more.

  • High quality strategy game
  • Made from thick, durable board that is 100% recycled
  • Box dimensions: 31.5x29x9.5cm
  • Board dimensions: 84x56cm
  • Card sizes:
    The Event deck cards are 58mm x 88mm (140 cards total)

    The Crown Deck and other cards are 60mm x 100mm (130 cards total)

  • Product code is G9029
  • Designed by Andrew McNeil
  • Kingmaker II developed by Alan Paull, Surprised Stare Games
  • Artwork by Mat Edwards
  • Solo play developed by Stephen Froud
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